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#82 –5741-0572 -  - 1920's cast iron wood / coal burning cook stove called “Jubilee”. Very nice stove in harvest gold enamel porcelain and nickle on cast iron. Stove comes as follows;

 - size is 39"W x 24"deep x 59"H (4.5" added to depth for smoke stack at rear)

 - very, very nice stove top that is nice and clean with

              6 round top plates

              1 has 3 stages

              1 has 2 stages

              2 are one piece large

              2 are one piece small

 - has water reservoir on right side with metal lid. Reservoir has been replaced with a copper insert.

 - has slide draft control on left side of stove

 - has slide damper to control smoke exhaust located on top and rear of stove

 - has the number "37 - 16" embossed in cast iron stove top

 - has ash pan

 - bottom burning grates are good

 - good oven

 - good oven door that works freely with good spring load

 - has temperature guage in oven door

 - right side front has door for reservoir inspection

 - nice top warming oven with a good door that works freely

 - comes with handle for lifting burner lids

 - nice base - nickle in front and iron on sides and back

 - no major rusting except for some surface rusting

This is a beautifull stove that needs some polishing of the nickle. The enamel porcelain has a few nicks but is very good for it's age scoring a 9.5 out of a 10.

Unit is located in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada – 3 miles from Blaine, Wash – next to I-5 freeway. Call Al at 206-227-6673 or 604-813-5500


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Price: $2,750.00

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